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Bose L1 Products

If you are a DJ or Musician and are interested in finding out if  one of the Bose L1 family of products is right for you, Contact Scott at 440-785-7999 to set up a free demo.  After we bought these systems and found out how great they are, we are now reps for the Bose L1 products


Check out the T1 Tone Match System here  The new ToneMatch audio engine is designed to enrich the sound of musicians using any L1 system.

What makes the L1� portable line array so different?
It begins with the shape. Each L1 system contains a column of many closely spaced drivers mounted in a tall, slim enclosure. This unusual design has profound effects on the sound.

Consistent sound levels
Because of its shape, the L1 system projects sound waves that expand out and to the sides, but sends very little up and down. Sound spreads more evenly across the stage and into the audience, and the sound level drops off much more slowly than from a conventional speaker.

For example, imagine a conventional speaker and an L1 system placed side by side, set to produce the same sound level at a distance of one meter. At 10 meters away, the conventional source already has 10 times less sound intensity than the L1 system.

Sound levels stay so consistent throughout the venue, there's no need for separate monitor and PA speaker systems�and the L1 system provides sound for both stage and audience. You have complete control over your sound, and you no longer have to wonder what your audience is hearing.

Smooth, uniform sound coverage
L1 systems spread the sound at nearly 180 degrees, so tone quality stays smooth and even from side to side. The L1 Model II system takes this uniform coverage even further with proprietary Bose� Articulated Array� speaker technology. Individual drivers in the line array are angled slightly to the sides in an alternating pattern to help deliver our smoothest, most uniform coverage. Even people off to the sides can enjoy crisp, detailed sound.

Less reverb
L1 systems also produce much less reverberation than a typical sound system. Conventional speakers direct a lot of sound energy up towards the ceiling, where it gets reflected back down as reverb. Monitor wedges, usually angled towards the back wall, add to the problem. L1 systems confine most of their sound energy in a wide, flat wedge of sound, projecting very little to the upper walls and ceiling. Sound remains clear and detailed, even in the back of the room.

Sound from an L1 system is so consistent throughout the venue, you and your audience can enjoy full, detailed, tonally balanced sound. Whether you're at the front of the stage or the back of the house, in front of the speaker or off to the side.

Better live sound�a true breakthrough
Hear the same quality sound your audience hears with the award-winning L1� Model I system. Based on over 10 years of groundbreaking Bose research, this all-in-one amplification system features the unique Cylindrical Radiator� loudspeaker. Its proprietary, vertical design helps fill the room with clear sound like no ordinary speaker can.

As Guitar World describes it, the "� sound radiates and fills the room in a way far more natural than a typical loudspeaker � it's a real breakthrough in amplified sound. �" Key benefits of an L1 system:

  • Projects clean, detailed sound evenly across the stage and throughout an audience of up to several hundred, with little change in tone or volume
  • Produces smooth, consistent tone, whether you're in front of the speaker or off to the side
  • Reduces much unwanted room reverberation
  • Eliminates conventional monitors, mixers and PA
  • Sets up and breaks down quickly
  • Fits easily into a car trunk

Wide, uniform coverage�throughout the room
The innovative Cylindrical Radiator� loudspeaker has a line array of 24 small drivers mounted into a vertical enclosure for wide, horizontal sound coverage. In comparison to a conventional speaker, volume and tone diminish very slowly over distance.

The loudspeaker's wedge-shaped dispersion pattern sends very little audio up or down, preventing much of the room reverberation that can muddy your sound.

In contrast to a conventional setup, an L1 system lets you, your fellow musicians and the audience hear the same sound. You don't need any other stage monitors, mixers or PA speakers. Your L1 system replaces them all with one sleek, powerful setup.

Built-in amplifiers, mixer and ToneMatch� presets
The L1 Model I power stand includes built-in amplifiers to drive the loudspeaker and up to two B1 bass modules. It also has an integrated four-channel mixer with two XLR and two line-level inputs.

Onboard ToneMatch presets�another Bose exclusive�let you quickly optimize the tone of up to 100 specific instruments and microphones, at the touch of a button. For more inputs and a suite of effects and tone-shaping tools, add the optional T1 ToneMatch audio engine.

Big bass�small package
B1 bass modules are considerably lighter and smaller than traditional bass bins required for the same performance. The L1 Model I single bass package is recommended for midrange voices and instruments like acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards and many horns.

The double bass package is designed for DJs and bass/baritone instruments, including electric bass, organ and kick drum. It produces the same tone as our single bass package, but with much higher output levels. You can add up to two more bass modules to your system with our optional extended bass package.

Light, easy, fast
L1 systems are noticeably lightweight and compact, fitting easily into the trunk of a small car. And setup and breakdown take just minutes, not hours.

Give it 45 days to change your world
This system "� could turn your gigging world upside-down for the better," according to Keyboard's Ken Hughes. Try it risk free for 45 days.* Hear what it can do for you and your music.

Call 440-785-7999 For a Free Demo

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